Ducted Air Conditioning Unit – Is This the Right Choice For You?Ducted Air Conditioning Unit – Is This the Right Choice For You?

ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning has been the ultimate pinnacle of home cooling and heating for many years. Whereas traditional air conditioners that can generally only cool a single or two rooms can only do so by forcing hot air outside into an attic or outside, ducted air conditioning relies on vents (or outlets) throughout the ceiling and walls of the house to deliver cooled air to all parts of the house.

Main Benefits

This type of air conditioning cost can vary widely from area to area and even region to region, especially in the U.S. Since there are a great many ducted air conditioning apartments all over the country, it is quite easy for you to find one in your neighbourhood. These are a great way to save money on your cooling and heating bills while taking advantage of the comfort and coolness of living with this type of unit.

Ducted units can be installed virtually anywhere in your house and can usually be installed by contractors with a lot of experience in these types of jobs. However, many contractors will charge extra for these installation jobs, so if you plan on doing it yourself, you may want to get a few different quotes before you decide. The cost will also depend upon where the ducting is to run, whether it runs to an exterior unit or an indoor unit. You also have to decide if the air conditioning unit will use a pump or if it will use a compressor or both.


If your ducted air conditioning unit requires a pump, you will need to install a pump, which will run underneath the ceiling or to an outdoor unit. While this unit is very costly, there is often a very low maintenance cost as well, which will make it a very attractive option for you to consider when it comes to ventless air conditioners.

Even though some of the costs associated with ducted air conditioning apartments are higher than those for traditional systems, you should also consider the fact that these units typically do not require regular maintenance and are much more energy-efficient. You may also be able to receive tax rebates or other incentives on the installation of this type of system.

ducted air conditioning

Although this type of air conditioning will not require you to constantly monitor the temperature and humidity of your home or office, you will still need to perform a regular cleaning and maintenance routine on the ducted air conditioning unit. Most ducted units use a fan to remove excess moisture from the air in your home or office and this will help to reduce condensation problems that cause your air to become overly humid or freeze up in your space.

Making a Choice

If you do not already have an air conditioning unit installed in your home or office, you can learn about the pros and cons of using a ducted air conditioning system to make an informed decision about this alternative cooling option. It is important to make sure you fully understand the potential problems associated with having a ducted unit to prevent future issues, which will be discussed in the rest of this article.

Ducted air conditioning will give you more energy efficiency and the peace of mind you need to enjoy a cooler environment in your home without the high costs and hassles of using a traditional system. You will have an easier time maintaining your ducted air conditioning unit as well, since you will not have to keep replacing filters, changing filters, or performing air filter replacement regularly. For this reason alone, many people choose this option over a traditional system.